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We are so excited about this week guest blogger, Nicole Crimaldi the smart, business savvy brains behind MCG Media, Inc. She’s a marketing powerhouse and we’re sure that you will find her contribution this week as informative as we did. Make sure to check out her website and follow all the MCG Media, Inc. happenings on Facebook and Twitter.

3 Ways Digital Content Creation is Changing Marketing

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If you’re involved in social media or the digital marketing space, you’ve probably been hearing the term “content creation” being thrown around lately.  What the heck does it exactly mean and why is it relevant to you?  Is digital content creation another overly anticipated social media trend or is it something you should seek to understand for your brand?

In today’s over-saturated digital environment, high quality, strategic content creation is the core of any amazing digital marketing, PR, SEO or even advertising campaign. 

Then again, I’m a bit biased so perhaps you’re asking the wrong person.  My company MCG Media Inc. is a digital content creation agency and I believe that this niche will prove to be the most powerful one in digital marketing over the next 5-10 years. 
Here are 3 Reasons I believe Digital Content Creation is Changing Marketing

1.  Today your audience will decide which messages are consumed and which aren’t –other forms of marketing & advertising don’t cater to this fact.

More than ever before, your audience has total control of what messages are being received and which aren’t.  If people want to read about your product, service or brand they will Google you, read your blog, subscribe to your email list or check out your social media channels.  If they don’t want to hear what you have to say, all they have to do is x out of the window, unsubscribe, send you to voicemail or fast forward your commercial using DVR/Tivo. 
For the most part, people can no longer be bombarded with unwanted advertising communication. Even when they are, the way in which many people use the Internet has trained their brain to ignore many messages. I mean, when was the last time you actually noticed a banner ad let alone CLICKED on it?!
This means that when creating content on your social media business pages or your website or blog, the audience is there by choice and they are on a site with your digital content – listen up. They are a warm lead – is your content going to encourage them to fill out a form, give you an email or will they direct their attention elsewhere?

2. Google Penguin demands High Quality Content.  If you don’t produce it, you’re missing out on a ton of web traffic. 

In the world of Internet Marketing, Google is our “God.”  We are always trying to (figure out) and please the elusive and top secret commandments in order to please our “master.” 

Internet Marketing and Google PenquinWell one thing’s for sure – the Google Gods are publically announcing they’re crazy about great content.  The mighty “Google Penguin” is Google’s latest algorithm update, which rolled out about a month ago.  If you haven’t been brought up to speed on the new standards, you should get schooled on it.  Google Penguin will likely change the way your brand approaches their SEO efforts, or at least it should.
It is no longer solely about a ton of strategically placed links to keywords within your content; it is about quality writing, ideas, campaigns that your audience WANTS to read.  Even old standby SEO methods such as link building, directory listings and optimization can HURT you. 
Most brands are slow to adapt to the need for strategic content creation because they don’t have the time or resources to get it done internally.  And here’s the thing – content creation must be strategic.  You must think like a magazine editor.  If you understand your target consumer and where they hang out online, create fun contests, campaigns, blog posts, guest posts and blogger outreach campaigns.  It’s organic, high quality, entertaining and most importantly EFFECTIVE!

3. Today Marketing MUST Entertain in order to be effective.

Yes, knowledge is power.  But in today’s space, successful marketers MUST convert their powerful knowledge into something that their audience will actually find interesting enough to click, then read, then share – that’ s a TALL order!

In order to create content that fulfills that order, you must gather insights on what your target consumer finds funny, share-worthy and thought-provoking.  You must also identify the influencers in your space and find creative ways to collaborate. 
In order to entertain, you must create unique campaigns around topics that will cause your audience can emotionally attach themselves to.  There is a reason sites like BuzzFeed are gathering a huge following. It’s the news except it’s better than the news – it’s fresh and funny.  What’s your brand doing to engage people within their community?

In conclusion, there is no doubt that digital content creation is here to stay.  In fact, it’s the driver of all the other promotions, PR campaigns, advertisements, SEO and social media campaigns you’re participating in.

There’s no doubt that some brands are better at this art than others.  In addition, there are brands that will be slow to adapt to this new mentality because they’ll mistake it for a trend.

As a digital content creator myself, I do have one piece of advice: make sure you have good writers on hand who think like magazine editors and journalists. These writers must have a deep understanding of your target consumer in order to succeed.  Get creative and don’t forget to have FUN creating great content for all of your digital channels!

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