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The RAW Marketing community managers will build you a loyal online community of followers, fans, and contacts while generating organic buzz for your upcoming book launch or signing event.

Published Author: If you are looking to generate online chatter with word of mouth excitement for an existing or upcoming book, then put our experienced team of social media influencers to work to create an awesome online PR campaign, tailored for you!

In today’s crowded marketplace, it is imperative that authors have a strong social media community to drive sales and generate interest in their creative work. Social marketing is a high-impact, cost-effective platform that will increase your reach and visibility, promote your work, and connect you with your existing fans, while building your online community.

With social media, marketing is no longer just a broadcast. It’s a community. Long gone are the days of fans having to wait weeks to hear back from a fan letter sent by mail, to a favorite author. Fans are now able to simply tweet or post a comment on an admired authors social media outlet, to build the feeling of connection with an admired author.

As social media continues to grow, authors are recognizing the potential to connect with readers in real-time and improve book sales.

Our Social Media team customizes, plans, and launches an aggressive, targeted community-building program around your book and your message.  We create and post branded tweets and Facebook updates throughout the day, every day.

This is a perfect campaign for pre-launch and post-launch of an upcoming release:

Social Marketing for AuthorsThe New Release Author Package includes:
(Facebook , Twitter & Google+)

  • Social Media Branding: Our design team creates your Social Media profiles (Facebook, Twitter & Google+).  This includes your personalized Twitter background, Facebook and Google+ banner, and online bios.
  • Audience Building: Your dedicated community managers will build your following with targeted, eager followers, who are excited about being a part of your community. Having a huge community of loyal followers is PRICELESS for any author!
  • Branding and Messaging:  Your dedicated community manager will  craft posts in your voice. These posts are written to inspire action, increase engagement, and generate excitement as the anticipation of your book launch increases.
  • Consistent Exposure: We post consistently (at least 6 – 10 times per day depending on outlet) to maximize your exposure, promote engagement, and generate enthusiastic support among your fans and followers.
  • Community Engagement: We take care of all the routine interactions on your account on a daily basis, including thanking your followers for mentioning you and re-tweeting your messages, and responding to general comments and questions.
  • Relationship Development: We get you noticed by key influencers (publicists, publishers, journalists, media outlets). You let us know who you want to impress, and we use the awesome power of Social Media to get their attention.

The 3-Month Author Blitz Package starts at $3250.

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