Building a Profitable Business vs. A Stressful Hobby

RAW Marketing

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for RAW Marketing…I spent the majority of the day downtown Chicago at the Social Media Masters Summit helping out with some GREAT people and then racing back to the office to host a webinar with the Women In PR Organization (What to Charge and Knowing Your Worth) that excitingly enough, was so intense it ran over by 30 minutes! How’s THAT for excitement from the audience.  So with these events swirling in my mind, I started to really digest some of the comments and topics that were discussed and narrowed it down to this….

building a profitable business

  1. 1. How do you build a successful business?
  2. 2. How do you make sure that it’s marketed correctly so that it is profitable?

Isn’t that what every entrepreneur or business manager strives to do? Be profitability.  Otherwise all you have is a stressful hobby that gives you a massive headache. Don’t get us wrong turning something you love doing, into a business is probably one if not THE most rewarding thing you can do..BUT if that business is not profitable the damages you do to your health with stress and worry, is far more costly.

So just remember a few takeaways that will help you either increase your profits or help turn your hobby into a business.

*If you’re attending seminars, conference and summits regularly to attract leads, but the people attending are your peers and not potential have a hobby.

*Spending countless hours on Social Media posting content that you did NOT create or re-tweeting hundreds of articles that you did not write is going to make you money how? Seriously…think about it, besides building your fan base with people who enjoy the content someone else are you getting paid for their content?

*If your retweeting 50-100 “Thanks for the Klout” tweets a day…we need to chat AND you have a hobby. If you ever want to turn that account into a money-making business stop with the Social Media Tricks.

It’s fine to build relationship with other like minds and share their articles and content, but everything in moderation. At some point you have to share YOUR work and YOUR content so that your fans have a chance to become YOUR customers.

Creating a profitable business does not happen overnight, so don’t give up or become discouraged.  Think about the worth of every task you do each day…is that post of a cute kitten going to increase your brands worth? OR is it just going to be a post for the sake of making a post? Stop wasting your valuable time and focus on how you to reach your potential clients/customers and what content THEY would like to see. Then start creating it!

So tell me…do you have a hobby or a business?


RAW Marketing