Why Are You Working So Hard?

The latest technological advances promise increased efficiency and productivity but have prompted even more labor. Here’s one entrepreneur’s solution.


The Secret To Better Online Marketing: It’s Not What You Think

A Zappos customer service employee recently set a record with an epic ten-hour conversation with a customer. At Netflix, employees get unlimited PTO because the company concluded “we should focus on what people get done, not on how many days worked.” So, what do these random tidbits…

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RAW Marketing Swimming Pigs

Want to be an Entrepreneur? Stop listening to the “Experts”.

If you’ve been paying attention to many of the Social Networks, we’re pretty sure you’ve noticed the flood of (bandwagon jumping) “Business Experts”. No matter what they call themselves…Guru, Expert, Mastermind, Influencer, Wizard…you know who we’re talking about. So, if you happen to  have listened closely to these people, you may have noticed a common…

Great new happening around RAW Marketing HQ!

What is that old saying? “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.” Well that saying certainly holds true for the RAW Marketing team these days. Recently I was honored to offered a spot on MO.com as a Subject Matter Resource Expert, this incredible website is a collaboration of local publishers…

Marketing Organization Needs

To-Do Lists…or Post-its?!

Over the weekend I decided that I am going to throw out my typical (although tried and true) way of organizing my thoughts….on Post-It’s! And go back to making  lists. Yes I know, making lists is a great way to keep track of items that “pop” into your thoughts, or to purge the brain of all it’s…