Hey ‘Influencer’…What is it you DO for your clients?

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Influencers who don't have a clue

“Nanana…If I say it enough, someone will believe I’m awesome.”

No matter what social outlet you frequent, the topic of “Influencers” is unavoidable. It seems the trend lately is to be admired as a Social Marketing Influencer…the only problem with that is, most have never actually practiced what they post/ preach.  Now, before you jump to the bottom of the post to write me a scathing comment, let me clarify the previous statement. Now, we’re not talking about the seasoned professionals (in their respective industry), who have a long list of achievements that deserve the respect and admiration they receive. We’re shining a light on the other 90% of the self-proclaimed ‘Influencers’ out there. Their advice, blog posts, sound bytes of knowledge, if you will…have no founding in offline experience or business principles. Their well condensed social posts come across more than a bit insulting to those with a proven background in Marketing and/or Public Relations. Like defiant children, sticking their tongues out to the teachers as if to say…”See! Marketing is so easy I can do what you do, with no experience to back what I say!”  Makes us want to introduce them to a frozen flag pole and a triple dog dare.

Instead of becoming bitter and frustrated…okay, maybe a tad frustrated, we unleashed our markers and headed straight to our whiteboard and decided to define a clear vision of what  we enjoy about Marketing and PR  and how that correlates to our clients.  Keeping with the spirit of this topic, we’ll break it down to one share-able sound byte of information:

Marketing PR for our clients.

<—It’s just that simple, we love helping our clients achieve their goals and bring their dreams to reality. No limelight, title or need to be labeled as anything other than “A damn fine group of people to work with!”

Is it easy? Can we condense it into a Top 10 List for our Blog or write a book on it? NO..we can’t…we won’t,  because it is different for every client and THAT my friends is the “tell” (as they say in poker). If you are busy writing books on how easy Marketing can be for anyone and dispensing advice like it’s a walk in the park with a cookie cutter..you just told the rest of the players at the poker table…you’re full of hot air!

It needed to be said, thanks for listening!


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