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Telluride Colorado, Mountain Village

So we’ve covered how dog friendly Telluride is…we’ve touched on some of the unique transportation options this charming ski town offers. But I think today we’ll chat on some of the hidden treasures of this town…no not the Taco Cart on Main Street (that’s another days dish!)…we’re talking about items like, the Village Core in Mountain Village, the noticeable LACK of chain restaurants and big name-corporate businesses in the area. The unique items that make this ski town like no other!

The core of Mountain Village has that European, laid back charm that sets it apart from the Town of Telluride. During the ski season, THIS is the place to be during the day…it’s a perfect location for people watching, relaxing with a warm beverage or sitting with friends around the inviting fire pit. With the smell of freshly made crepe’s whispering through the air and the sound of wax being scrapped from some lucky skiers freshly glazed skies at the waxing cart…all of these delights to the senses, make for amazing memories in this great mountain community.

Beautiful day in Telluride Colorado | RAW Marketing

So we highly recommend, sitting at any of the local restaurants at the edge of the ski mountain, be it The Hop Garden (a personal fav), Tracks or just relaxing on any of the local benches provided…enjoy the moment and appreciate the beauty of this area, it is a treasure you have to experience and cross off on your bucket list.

RAW Marketing truly enjoyed the time we were able to spend in Telluride this ski season….and looking forward to our return this summer. Because if you think the winters are great, wait until you see the summer!


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  1. spa long island
    November 13, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Ski towns like Telluride have a laid-back atmosphere. It’s not yet visited by a lot of tourists.