In PR Image is Everything, Including Your Own

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perceptions of a publicist

“A humorous twist on the line made famous by Joan Cusack in the blockbuster movie Working Girl.”

In the past we have discussed in great detail the importance of knowing your worth, in business.  The PR Industry is all about perception, the fine tuning of opinions and image..image…image.

April 16th at 8pm EST, we will be joining co-founder of Women In PR,  Anje Collins, for a members only webinar  to discuss if there is a perceived dress code for a publicist.

Every woman has their own style and it doesn’t stop by profession. Each publicist has their own sense of style. Do we all dress like Sex in the City’s Samantha Jones ALL the time? Most likely not. Whatever we are wearing, we must emit professionalism and effort because if you don’t care about your image, your clients may not think you care about theirs. ~Anje Collins

In this webinar you will learn what potential clients look for when hiring a publicist. (This is coming from real people looking to hire a publicist)

-What not to wear

-First impressions is the last impression

~Understanding how you are perceived by potential clients

If you would like to know more about the Women In PR Organization and this For Members Free Webinar, click here: Woman In PR