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We are your digital marketing agency

…which means that we spend a lot of time in the digital world so you don’t have to. We bring our intuitive insights to your project so that you can focus on making it better.

Leave your digital marketing to the RAW Marketing agency, we promise we’ll over deliver!

What you’ll find at RAW Marketing is that we don’t just provide you with the typical digital marketing agency solution, we do better! Especially if you’re an aspiring filmmaker or indie studio, because let’s face it you don’t have time to worry about increasing your social following, CPM’s, CPC’s and live streams, leave that to us.

So what can we do for you?

When it comes to promoting your documentary or helping your studio get the recognition that it deserves, we’re the ones you can call on. We have extensive experience with social media campaigns and fostering growth while creating an engaging community. However, nowadays you can’t just put all your content on one social media platform. Which is why we’re your go-to  resource for sharing your video content from snapchat, vine, periscope and Ustream to Beme – we can do it all!   Would you like assistance with your crossover media promotions? We do that too!

contact raw marketing todaySo how about you focus on your project and leave the digital stuff to us. If you’re ready to get serious and you want to achieve the success that you desire then drop us a line. We’re ready to help!