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Fully Integrated

Social Media Management Program

All of the benefits  an in-house marketing team, none of the hassle of finding them a desk: Outsource Your Social Marketing to the Experts!
Our Integrated Social Marketing Program is designed to serve as your complete social marketing management department without the expense of:

  • Payroll
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Unemployement Insurance
  • Benefit Expense
  • HR Resources
  • Training
  • Desk Space
  • Office Supplies
  • Dedicated Computer
  • Software Licenses

Social marketing through social media platforms has become a game changer in how businesses are able to build their reputation and successfully reach their fans, customers and potential customers. If your business/brand is not already actively involved in some form of social media marketing, the time is now to start.  Allow the RAW Marketing team of community managers and PR professionals to write, publish and coordinate blogs, emails and social networking platforms. With plans to match every budget, there’s no reason why your small business can’t successfully be a part of the social conversation.

Integrated Marketing ServicesWhat is the difference between hiring an experienced marketing person to lead your corporate marketing team and hiring an equally experienced marketing agency to do the same tasks? The answer may be more clear cut than you initially suspect. A new hire will be requited to learn your company policies, voice, work within the allocated marketing budget and understand without misinterpretation the marketing mission.  That person then becomes the voice of your business in all marketing efforts. Many people forget the simple fact that, behind every business doing great work on social media…is a team of creative marketing professionals hired by the company to be the voice of the company.

That’s exactly what RAW Marketing is able to accomplish. With backgrounds in Directorship-level marketing positions, our team has been very successful, in filling the marketing shoes you are looking to fill.  With 15+ years of accountable success in marketing (small and large) corporations, we are able to create or manage an existing online persona designed to manage your business/brands social media accounts, acting as a representative of your company.

How RAW Marketing can benefit your business:

  • No additional training or learning curve in understanding each social platform and how to grow your audience on each.
  • Creating engaging, conversational tweets and posts in your company’s voice.
  • Increasing traffic to your website and/or physical location.
  • Inspire your fans and followers to promote brand loyalty and project a compassionate, service-focused corporate brand image.
  • Managing your online reputation. There is more to managing your brands online reputation, than setting up a Google Alert. Our proprietary software program scours the internet for favorable and not-so-favorable mentions of your brand and key employees (directly and in-directly).

Our Social Marketing Management program combines strategic planning, creative content creation, marketing, and expert execution to maximize your company’s impact across multiple social media platforms.

We collaborate with your marketing, branding, and PR team and agencies to develop integrated, consistent programs. We learn your corporate brand language, style and voice to project a unified message through social media outlets.

Services range from part-time management of single social media platforms to full-scale, full-time management of multiple sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr).

Fees range between $650 and $5,200 per month.

Call us for a custom proposal to see how RAW Marketing can use strategic, social marketing management to maximize your corporate brand reputation and marketing strategy or contact us here.