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Logo Creation and Identity Branding

Why risk ruining your first impression, with bad design?

It’s what everyone sees first, it’s the face of your company, a great one can separate you from your competition and a bad one can catapult you into obscurity. What are we talking about? Your logo, of course!  

A well designed logo should instantly communicate your corporate style and philosophy. It is the very essence of your company’s brand, and one of your most important assets. Unfortunately, many small businesses overlook this important aspect of their marketing.

With the world around us becoming more and more visually driven, a well design logo and branding package for a company (even individuals) is becoming almost imperative to insuring recognition.

Every piece of content created by your company and placed for view by the public, either online or in print, should have your logo included…if you’re logo is lacking appeal and not a true representation of your company or product, you have an identity problem.

Our team of Graphic Designer and Graphic Design Partners are experienced in work with you through every step of the design process. From gathering information about your business philosophy, style and voice to creating a custom logo (many times hand illustrated, just take a look at the RAW Marketing logo) and identity package unique to your company or brand.

Starting a new blog, a new business or looking to create your own personal brand?  Contact us today and let’s work together on creating you the best first impression possible.