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We know your time is limited & valuable, so we’ll keep this short & to the point.

Here is what you won’t find from RAW Marketing:

“If someone had a foolproof way to make money online, they would probably use that way to make money rather than packaging it up in an ebook and selling it to people.” ~Matt Cutts, Head of Search Spam at Google 

  • Weekly Events or Compilation Emails disguised as Newsletters: Why? Because RAW Marketing was created after the needs of our clients, not after jumping on the bandwagon of  creating satellite networking events or community emails. Your time is valuable and compiling information that you can easily find on dozens of other website and outlets, clogging your email inbox each week is not a good use of it. We won’t email you unless it’s important and has critical information that is especially for you.  A few times a year we may cross-promote or co-sponsor a charitable event that is close to our heart, but you won’t find weekly webinars, seminars and additional ‘add-on’ classes being offered.  We’re focused on providing great marketing activities for our clients, that keeps us with little time for anything else!

If you’re looking for:

Then, unfortunately, we’re not what you’re looking for, but we are more than happy to connect you with a list of great people who are. Seriously, contact us and we can provide you a list of Marketing Agencies and Consultants that can provide any of the above mentioned services.

BUT if you’re looking for:

You’ve found us!

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