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Marketing Management Frequently Asked Questions

This is were we answer the most common questions about using our marketing and brand management services.  If you find that you still have unanswered questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Let’s start with features of our services that differentiate us from the other digital marketing agencies:

  • Integrated Services: Whether you’re looking for a marketing professional to create your next award winning campaign, a Publicist to represent your professional image, or a graphic designer to create the perfect image for your business/brand or product. We can assist you in every aspect of your marketing needs and take over the entire process from beginning to end.
  • Specifics & Details of Services: We provide exact specifications of each of our programs – right down to the number of pitches we have made for your PR campaign, the number of tweets/posts per day for your social marketing program, how we engage your following, and where we pull or custom create our content. There is no guesswork and no vague descriptions of services being offered.
  • Strategy, Implementation, and Ongoing Account Management: Once we create your specific Marketing/PR plan, we put our team to work and fully implement your strategy. This includes content development, content creation, engagement with your followers/contacts, community building, relationship building and reporting.
  • Flexible Contracts: While our goal is keep you as a satisfied client for years to come, you are under no obligation to stay any longer than you desire. While small results are seen immediately in social marketing campaigns, larger more strategic campaigns can expect to larger results within 90 days. PR campaigns have a longer lead time and will require a 6 month minimum commitment. We know that the key to retaining your business is to not only meet, but consistently exceed your expectations.
  • A True Partnership: Most importantly, your goals are our goals. We monitor the progress and results of your campaign to identify improvement opportunities. During daily campaign reviews we are able to identify opportunities for improvement, cross-promotion and cross-branding opportunities and ways to improve your marketing, PR or social marketing effectiveness.
  • Proven Results: We know what we can achieve for you and what we can’t. We measure success by specific metrics including expanded visibility, growth in following, increased engagement, and greater website traffic. These are the outcomes we can impact on social marketing campaigns. We do not promise more sales or greater profits; rather, we strive to make more people aware of your brand and then encourage them to take action (follow you, retweet you, visit your website, come by your store, call your location). Once we get them to you, it is up to you to convert them to customers.
  • Experience in Providing Success: RAW Marketing prides itself in providing big agency-style Marketing, PR and digital design services at a fraction of the cost, because instead of writing articles discussing what should be done in social media or SEO, we are doing it every day.  We have documented, successful campaigns, design creations and ongoing strategies for each of our clients. We know the coming trends in social marketing, SEO and web design, before ‘thought leaders’ are discussing them. We are embedded in each platform that we utilize.

Time Saving Answers to Our Most Frequent Questions

How does your SMM (Social Marketing Management) program work?

As with all marketing campaigns, the main goal is to increase your visibility, increase your audience,  and promote your product or service. After your contract is signed, we send you a list of items that we need to get started on your project. The more information you can give us (your blogs, websites, links to your articles, etc.), the more we will understand your voice, and the more resources we’ll be able to send your followers to. Once we receive all the necessary logins and information, your SMM (Social Marketing Management) program will begin within a week.

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How long will it take you to build my website?

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, the process can take from a couple of weeks to several months. The first step in the process would be to fill our project quote request and we can schedule a time to discuss everything that you have in mind for your new website.

How do I know if I need a Publicist?

Have you been getting great press but want to increase from local to national coverage? Do you have a new product or service that is newsworthy? Are you a Personality or Author that is looking to move into another area, such as Keynote Speaking or consideration for a cooking show? Then the answer would be yes, you should probably start budgeting for representation costs from a PR professional.

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Do you have package pricing if we want to be on more than one social outlet?

(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn) Yes. Please contact us with the specific social outlets you are interested in, and we’ll send you more information about specific pricing. In most cases, multiple outlets are discounted at least 20%.

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How long is my commitment?

As with all marketing, small results will be immediate, but for longer lasting results that will increase your ROI,  a commitment of 90 days is the minimum.  After the 90 days, you can cancel at any time – before your next billing statement. We also offer a 6 month and 12 month program as well with substantial discounts given for longer commitments.

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Can I still post on our social outlets?

Of course! We encourage you to share at anytime, your posts will not affect our system. Posts directly from you will only increase your audience loyalty and engagement.

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Will you be hosting my website?

No, we believe that you should be in control of your businesses most profitable asset, at all times. Agencies and consultants that provide hosting services is a very questionable practice. If they are to go out of business or stop responding to your requests, you will find yourself in a frustrating situation. If you do not currently have a hosting account or dedicated server to host your website, we will secure you a hosting account through a reputable, established hosting agency.  

Can I just send you photos I find on Google?

Simple answer…No! Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws are very clear on this point. You may not use images that you find online for promotion of your business or brand. The implied association of the image to your brand could land you with a minimum fine of $1,200 per image/per use. If you are in need of photography for your website or marketing campaign, we can help you secure a reputable photographer (budget allowing) or obtain stock photography for a fraction of the cost. 

Do I HAVE to do anything?

Yep, your involvement is still crucial to the success of the campaign. We require that you log into your social account regularly to respond to your followers personally. As your following grows, you will notice that more and more people will be rebroadcasting your posts, mentioning you in their posts, and responding to your content. Your engagement is key to building relationships with your community. Our social media posts kickstart the conversations, but your engagement will create long lasting loyalty to your brand..

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Can YOU do the engagement part for us?

We sure can. For many of our more larger clients, with multiple product lines or product offerings that change daily, we take over the engagement part, as well. Check out our Social Marketing Management program for all the details.

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How do we know the posts will sound like our business/brand?

When possible, we take quotes directly from your current collateral and website content: blog posts, products, articles, etc. Our marketing and PR professionals get a great feel for the voice of your brand and communication style from looking at your content. Clients tell us that they are impressed with how spot on we capture their voice and thoughts.  98% of our clients do not divulge that they have a professional marketing team, posting for them.

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How often do we need to chat?

It is important that we keep the lines of communication open at all time…day or night on some occasions. Our PR team is in contact with each of our PR clients on almost a daily basis. Web design clients may go several days to a week from hearing from us, during the construction phase of the website. For Social Marketing Management clients, once we learn as much as possible, about your content, brand, and social media objectives. you are not required to do anything else. WE continue to look for new content on your sites each month. We do suggest that you monitor all your social network account regularly, and contact us if you have content suggestions or specific promotions for the following month.

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When will I be billed?

We bill monthly, with first month payment due at the signing of the contract, with payment do each month on the same day. We offer online payment services for your convenience.

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