Marketing vs. PR vs. Advertising what’s the difference?

RAW Marketing

These days it seems the lines between Marketing, PR and Advertising are becoming less and less defined. With viral marketing videos that leave you wondering if you should be buying the soda they’re drinking or the shoes they’re wearing, it’s no wonder that many up and coming professionals in these communication based industries are scratching their heads wondering…What’s the diff?

What’s the diff, indeed my friends!  With Social Media outlets out there, that allow anyone to dabble in promoting or destroying a brands reputation with a few well placed tweets…it leaves many business owners wondering if they should cut back on one industry to protect themselves from another.

This September the Women In PR Annual Summit is giving me the perfect time to discuss this very hot topic with a hands on workshop titles “Marketing vs. PR”. If you happen to be attending this informative event, feel free to leave me some questions below that you would like for me to include in the workshop…and I’ll do my best to merge them into the program.

Until then, here’s a little cheat sheet to help cut through the first layer of confusion…


From @rawmrktg on Instagram…

What do you think? Do you see the lines being blurred between the three platforms, or do you feel there are still clear-cut differences…let me know!

Ruth Ann