“Mind Your Tweets”…Does Not Mean Auto-Tweet!

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Twitter (deep sigh)… what more can we say about this powerful micro-blog, that hasn’t already been addressed?  Well a couple of points come to mind, one or two that may not have been covered by others or (gasp) feared to be mention. Of course we’ve never been accused of being afraid of speaking our mind, especially when it comes to being of assistance for those looking to do daily business tasks better, faster, smarter! No we’re not building the next Bionic-Super Being, we’re just trying to help smart, driven business leaders take their brand/businesses to the next level, without leaving a social media mess in their wake.

We recently did a post on how to be social on Twitter and covered the usual topics…timing, content and of course “keeping it social”. One item that we did not mention was the “Mind Your Tweet” rule…if you want reach and new followers on a daily basis, you must must MUST avoid one practice to stay authentic, above all others…DO NOT AUTOMATE YOUR TWEETS! (Sorry for the all caps, but this topic deserves it.) Nothing, and we do mean NOTHING can spark an “un-following” then for your auto-tweets to be mass submitted in error and flood your followers newsfeed.

We aren’t  just talking about the rare moments a slip on your scheduling tab causes a mass of tweets to fly, we’re also referring to those who auto-tweet every 5 to 15 minutes with a promotional, self-serving, advertorial tweet…24 hours a day, every day.  There is nothing more impersonal than to find out the person/brand/business that you have followed, hoping to spark a conversation with or more importantly, taken the time to read what they have to say….only to find out they are regurgitating the same 10 posts all day long. Nothing screams ‘disingenuous’ and ‘do not follow me’ louder then auto-tweets.

An occasional scheduled tweet, promoting your business to maximize your time…perfect! Setting up a weeks worth of auto-tweets to keep your account visible in your followers newsfeed, no matter what time (day or night) so your tweets will always be seen? Fail!   This is not only annoying but actually does your brand a dis-service by over saturating your brand on followers feeds, in turn, you are ignored or worse yet “collapsed” and  not seen at all.

“Collapsed?” Ohh did  you not know that you can collapse a feed from a specific follower so that you do not see their posts unless you want to see them specifically? Yes, it’s an option in almost every application designed to help you manage your Twitter account, like HooteSuite, Tweetcaster and TweetDeck. This feature is not only very important, but one that is usually left out of the presentation by the self-described gurus/experts who recommend “tricks & tips” on using Twitter to build your online empire.

The take away today? Mind your tweets, treat them as gold..as a place to hold a conversation with your followers/fans/friends, not just another task that “has to be done”.  Don’t miss opportunities to enjoy the platform by setting yourself up to fail with self-promoting auto-tweets, be present and be genuine…Twitters main purpose is share unique content to be enjoyed by your followers, so make sure they enjoy it!

Until Next Time,

Ruth Ann

RAW Marketing