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No time for Marketing, hire a Professional!

“Augh…Marketing! Not today…maybe tomorrow. Wait, I have meetings tomorrow..maybe the day after tomorrow. Then there’s that staff meeting and then inventory, okay next week…yes, next week I’ll focus on marketing and updating the website, next week…promise! ”

No matter the size of the business…doctors and lawyers to small boutique owners and hair salons, the cry is the same: “I have no time for marketing!” If you find yourself muttering this under you breath or shouting it from your laptop…you’re right, we agree, no argument here! Effective marketing campaigns, relationship building, engaging conversations with your clients/customers/guest takes time and consistency.  There is no true quick fix..and if you believe those ads that “guarantee a thousand followers on Twitter in a week” and think they will help your business grow, don’t!  Having thousands of followers and fans, yet none of them are becoming loyal customers…is much like that famous verse from Alanis Morissette “Ten thousand spoons but all you need is a knife.”

When you need more knives, and less spoons.

So how about outsourcing the marketing efforts and reducing your stress? Leave the marketing to a professional you trust and will work with you, while you focus on running your business. Because honestly, isn’t’ that where your passion lies…in your business?

To find out if RAW Marketing is a good fit for your business or just to find out what questions you should be asking in the search for the right marketing professional…drop us an email at blog@rawmrktg.com.  Now, take a deep breath, another sip of coffee and get back to work…it’s going to be a great day!

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