Ooohhh Awapuhi…you amazing little charmer!

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Say it with me now…Ahhhh-waaah-pooo-eeee. (Awapuhi)…yep that’s the amazing conditioning treatment from the hair guru’s at Paul Mitchell. I had the pleasure  honor of experiencing one of these deep conditioning treatments earlier this week at an ivitation only (aka pseudo-crasher) Paul Mitchell event at Giavanni’s Salon & Spa.
My Paul Mitchell concierge for the evening was the incredibly talented Gil Castro (BCS Salon)…seriously, this stylist is amazing, his knowledge of the product, the proper application technique and attention to detail was spot on!
Check out how beautiful this place is!

The first noticeable difference between Awapuhi and some of the other Keratin based treatments is the stylist does NOT have to wear gloves…it’s all natural, no harsh chemicals…and the fragrance is a cross between a Hawaiian paradise and the smell of clean sheets hanging out to dry…simple, clean, amazing. After a simple shampoo only wash, we were off to the chair and let the magic begin.

Ignore the nails folks..
I put her on the spot!

It’s a multi-step process that began with the magic that is contained in this little amulet.

After the application of the serum, waiting a few minutes for it to do it’s “thing”…the next step of a deep conditioning cream being applied was quick and seemed to take no time.

The longest step was sitting under a dryer and letting all the conditioning molecules get to work with the heat of the dryer and beautiful-ness that is a clear shower cap…yes that is me in the pic…hey if you can’t have fun in a treatment cap..where can ya?

A quick rinse..a little blow out from a hand dryer…badda bing..badda boom…voila!

Here are just some of the lovely ladies that also participated that evening…everyone looked so amazing and I apologize for not being able to show everyone, I missed a few while trying to refrain myself from running my fingers through my new “like silk” hair.

Now, don’t take my word alone for how revolutionary this Awapuhi Wild Ginger Conditioning Treatment’s a page full of recommendations and awards!
Amanda & Mr. Gil
Thank you again to ALL the wonderful Staff & Stylist at Giavanni’s Salon & Spa…feel free to follow them on Facebook!
And to Mr. Gil Castro…you rock!

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  1. John Cutrone
    John Cutrone
    June 23, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Cant wait to visit this salon tomorrow – What a Great Salon!!!
    That Awapuhi Display is incredible.