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If you build it, they will come...

only works in the movies!

Creating websites since the original dot com bubble of the 90’s, we have a long history in website design & search engine optimization (SEO).

The RAW Marketing agency doesn’t just work with you and your team to build phenomenal websites; we make sure that you’re reaching your target market. What makes our services exceptional is that we don’t just build you a site, that attracts attention,  we also make sure that it attracts the right attention….your target audience! The latest changes in SEO practices and Google algorithms are something we tirelessly stay up to date on and make sure that your website is using to it’s advantage every single day.

Leaving your website design in the hands of an experienced programmer who has no experience in: marketing, digital design or business writing, is creating a recipe for disaster. Your website is the face of your businesslet that sink in for a moment…without someone at the helm who understands how layout, color palette, typography, marketing voice and functionality work hand in hand. You’re only showing the world a fraction of your businesses awesomeness.

SEO has become the most important aspect of a websites success online.

Why invest in a website for your business (no matter how big or how small) if no one can find it? If you build it, they will come…only works in the movies. We have successfully helped our clients raise their search engine rankings organically by implementing SEO practices that align with the latest algorithms from Google and Bing!  (In addition each and every website that we build  is designed with built-in search engine optimization.)  With over 17 years of helping websites rank organically, we’ve delivered great search engine success for our web design clients as well as clients needing help with their existing sites.

If you don’t know how (and when) the latest releases of Hummingbird, Panda or Penguin algorithms relate to your sites ranking, every day…we need to chat!

SEO packages begin at $450 per month.

Web Design Services

Our team of in-house web designers carefully evaluate your online presence and begin the design process with these specifics in mind:

  • Creating a custom design that is a true reflection of your business/brand in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Creating a website that exceeds your business objectives and functionality needs.
  • Design a  website that engages the consumer and drives them to take action.
  • Create a website that is easily managed by the user, if that functionality is required.
  • Design a custom website that not only impacts your bottom line and secures a high return on investment, but also solidifies your brands identity and makes the best impression possible.

As experienced SEO specialist and marketing strategists, our team is able to create a compelling site that steers qualified traffic to your site or location. We round out the design through custom created content, visual graphics, online advertising strategies and newsletter campaigns (if needed) so you are able to reach your target audience through a variety of channels.

In recent years we have had a rise in requests from our clients to utilize a content management system (CMS) called WordPress to provide clients with greater value and functionality. This CMS platform is user friendly and easily expandable, making it an excellent platform choice for small business websites and integrating your social outlets into one place. WordPress helps you manage your website without needing to understand coding like HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Small or medium-sized businesses looking for an easy way to manage their website, without the hassle of a dedicated IT person or web developer on stand-by, find WordPress and excellent choice. It has compelling benefits over other CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla with its ease in publishing and being able to update information. This is especially important for those looking to increase their search engine rankings, since search engines prefer fresh, updated content.

RAW Marketing is proud to be a part of a select group of web strategist that are able to provide content creation from our graphic artist, traditional marketing experience from our dedicated Marketing team and being able to apply highly technical, cutting-edge website design and implementation for our clients.

Website design packages have many variables that effect pricing, but in general most packages have a starting price of  $1250+

Digital Marketing Services & Design

You have an existing website, you post on Facebook and occasionally send out newsletters through email blasts, but are you working effectively or are you working against yourself?  Our digital marketing services take a strategic look at your business/brands current online persona and evaluate where you can make changes to create a uniform, cohesive branded experience for your business.

How to tell you need digital design assistance:

  • You have a website, but rarely receive quality leads through it.
  • You post on Facebook and Twitter, but it’s like speaking to an empty room.
  • You have large amounts of removal requests from your e-newsletter list, after sending out a recent update.
  • No one shares your content posted on social networks.
  • Your website, social outlets and newsletters are not consistent  in branding, typography or color palette.
  • Your website is parked at wordpress(dot)com.
  • The tagline of your business site reads “Just another WordPress Website”

Digital Design Services are priced per project. Complete a Project Request Form to begin your quote.
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