sniff sniff….oohhhh has that “new blog” smell.

RAW Marketing

Well here we are…finally have sliced out some time to get our new blog up and running…yes that IS a round of applause you hear in the distance!  It’s been a crazy past couple of months, we’ve travelled to exotic locations all over the world, (yeah it’s a tough gig but someone has to be out there)….. and feel that we’ve compiled enough pics, videos and information to keep the blog busy for some time. So we hope if you have stumbled upon this page, you’ll find us entertaining enough to return and see what we’re up to…’s kind of like cyber-stalking, but gives us both that warm fuzzy feeling.

Want to know more about us before you make the move and click “follow”, we’s a big commitment!…find us on Facebook and Twitter and see what all the scuttle is about!  Of course always feel free to comment, give some feedback or just rant on about anything you feel strongly about…we don’t mind at all.