Measuring Marketing Efforts

What To Measure Beyond Sales & Leads in Content Marketing

Sure, you should be measuring revenue and leads related to your content marketing, but what are the other less-obvious benefits that content provides?

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google+ name change policy

Everything You Need To Know About The New Google+ Name Policy: An Explainer

Yesterday’s news that Google+ has dumped its real-name requirement raised a number of interesting questions, both philosophical and practical. Will Google+ become a haven for trolls? Will YouTube’s notorious commenters now be able to unleash more ugliness behind a fresh cloak of…

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Speakers Badge for Social Media Tulsa

Social Media Tulsa 2013 and our first Google+ Hangout

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining in a Google+ Hangout (our first!)  with Cheryl Lawson and Lauri Rottmayer to give a sneak peek of the topics I’ll be speaking on at this years Social Media Tulsa Conference.  By the way there are still a few seats left, grab them right here>> Social Media Tulsa 2013 After…

RAW Marketing on Instagram with @CaribResortPro

New Services and New Adventures

One of the things we enjoy most about our clients, is being able to tailor new services and offerings specific to their needs. We soon will be rolling out (Oklahoma and Chicago area)  a new service called Second Screen Promotion (SSP). If you are a business, brand or event planner, and looking to bring your…

melting clock

No time for marketing! I have a business to run, you know…

“Augh…Marketing! Not today…maybe tomorrow. Wait, I have meetings tomorrow..maybe the day after tomorrow. Then there’s that staff meeting and then inventory, okay next week…yes, next week I’ll focus on marketing and updating the website, next week…promise! ” No matter the size of the business…doctors and lawyers to small boutique owners and hair salons, the cry…