The Millionaire right in front of you…or are they?

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Millionaire MindsetThis past weekend we found ourselves engulfed in a conversation with a group of friends, both professional and personal, on a trending topic these days. The idea of having the mindset of a Millionaire, or shall we say, giving the public impression that you ARE a Millionaire and you hold the secrets that could help anyone become one.  Now before you make an assumption that we sit around like a bunch of judges in white wigs, looking for ways to feel better about ourselves by debating others actions… I had recently posted a meme about “faking your success”  which many had seen and apparently struck a nerve with some.  This is a topic area, as a group, we had never ventured into.  I learned that the majority of us had heard of many of the same names, claiming this honor, while almost all of us had our doubts about the validity of the claim…to their defense the question was then raised “What do you consider a Millionaire?”  My knee jerk reaction was to spout, someone who has made a Million dollars (duuuhh? right? I should learn not to open my mouth).

What happened next, I did not expect…the responses were as diverse as our group, here are few that we found thought-provoking:

“Someone who has made a Million Dollars in their lifetime”

“Someone who received a lump sum of a Million Dollars…prize money, lottery, paycheck”

“Someone who has earned a Million  in the recent past (1-2 yrs) and has the potential to retain said wealth and grow it over the coming years.”

“Someone who is completely debt free, has everything they desire AND a Million in the bank”

“Someone who has the potential to earn a Million in the near future, if they continue earning at their current rate.”

“A household with over a Million in net worth, not counting home ownership”

Are any of these correct? Maybe, maybe not…this topic certainly raised more questions than answers, but one thing was for sure, everyone has a different view on success and wealth. This seems to be a grey area that many claim ownership to without verification or ‘fake’ because it is almost always left up to individual interpretation. Which then led into the topic that many of us were pondering the rest of the night: When looking to someone to “teach you” to be a financial success (for this conversation: aka Millionaire) what standards do you hold that person to? Your definition of a Millionaire or is it their definition of being a Millionaire.

It’s what you “do” that matters most!… #sminfluencer #marketing

— RAW Marketing (@rawmrktg) April 17, 2013

Our final thought:  Shouldn’t any person who is going to give you financial direction, have achieved more than you or at the very least provide some proof that can be vetted for authenticity before they open their mouths?

What do you think? Let’s hear it!

Ruth Ann

RAW Marketing