They aren’t kiddin’….it’s a dogs life in Telluride!

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Recently we returned back to Telluride for a little work (yeah I know)…a little skiing…and a whole lot of amazing memories. Telluride is a laid back mountain town located in the southern San Juan’s of Colorado, it’s divided into two segments, the Town of Telluride and Mountain Village….but the best part is the Gondola system which acts as the connector for the two towns…it’s free, it’s fast and honestly….a little fun.

Telluride Colorado, RAW Marketing

There are so many great things to touch on about Telluride…so I think we’ll start with how dog-gone dog friendly this Town is. From the moment you arrive you can’t help but notice the dog to human ratio, it’s glaring as you stroll down main street, in any open area being used as a setting for an impromptu round of fetch, it’s hard to ignore this Town caters to its four-legged fans. Personally I like the  “puppy-parking” stations located outside of most businesses and signs posted to ensure that a dog-parent always know if it’s cool for your four-legged child to join you or if they need to chill outside. Because we all know nothing goes further than considerate pet manners in a town like this.

Relaxing at The Hotel Telluride, RAW Marketing
It’s the same with most of the lodgers in Town, just register your four-legged family member and they are welcomed with open arms and maybe even a belly rub….not bad huh? Most are treated as celebrities or VIP level guests, with doggie-turn-down service to puppy-spa treatments that cater to the most discriminating canine…it’s enough to make a dog-parent a little jealous. So…. don’t be surprised when you come to this amazing place to find that the best seat in the house at The Hotel Telluride, has already been reserved by a handsome Weimaraner named Max….seriously…I’d just let him have it……he seems pretty content!